2021 GWC Workshop Series – March

Being Fulfilled

Living our life purpose while honouring our truth

Being fulfilled naturally occurs when we act in alignment with our life purpose, while not sacrificing any aspect of our truth. Within the Global Wellbeing Compass framework, our truth is our core needs and values surrounding various roles in our life; while our life purpose is an intention that combines our passion, interests and talent into a creative focus extending from the now into the future. 

In this workshop you will:

  1. Strengthen your commitment to your natural interests
  2. Articulate our talent, passion and life purpose
  3. Create a vision and goals aligned to your purpose
  4. Enhance your motivation, accountability and support.
  5. Cultivate personal values that enriches your humanity.

Why bother?

 Being conscious of our life purpose enables us to clarify an inspiring vision and set realistic and meaningful short to long term goals. Identifying and honouring our truth ensures that the way we achieve our goals is sustainable, humane and in harmony with those around us.   The quality of our goals and friendships enhances our motivation to pursue them through to completion, thereby protecting us from procrastination and self-doubt.

Clarifying our life purpose and truth is not a once off endeavour, and can be hard to do alone.  You can use this workshop to develop or re-engage with this skill in a fun and friendly atmosphere. For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact adam@eieducation.com

For Local Early Risers

6 x 1 Hour Sessions
at Baked Cafe
7.30 am Tues-Thurs

For the Virtual Crowd

3 x 2 Hour Sessions
Sundays Evenings
7-9 pm EST
VIA Zoom

For Tassie Adventurers

1 x 6 hour Full Day Workshop
Sunday 9-4 pm

Global Wellbeing Compass GWC Focus Group