Getting Started

Each of the following services are a 1-2 hour session with Adam Hammer. They are complete and transformative within themselves, while also providing a foundation for further work if needed. For more information choose a service which most interests you at the moment.

Clarify your Life Purpose, Vision & Values

Clearly define and align your passion, interests and talent into an actionable life purpose and vision that honours your personal ethos and core values. Develop short to long term goals and weekly habit of reflecting on your vision and cultivating your values. Find out more…

Improve your life balance & time management 

Discover which area of your life needs your attention and how to gracefully address this imbalance before an outside event forces us to change. Learn how to put respectful boundaries and support systems in place to ensure your success.

Increase love & respect in your relationships

One of the key factors that throw our life-balance and purpose out of whack, are our relationships. Learn how to use the principles of The Global Well-being Compass to heal old wounds and resolve unpleasant conflicts at home and work. 

I am Adam Hammer, facilitator and founder of E.i. Education & Training.

E.i. stands for Emotional Intelligence, which means slightly different things to different people. I define E.i. as being able to use emotions to identify needs, values and goals in order to create more vitality, harmony and purpose in various aspects of our life. We all have emotional intelligence, the challenge is learning how to recognise, trust and use it constructively on a daily basis.

While cultivating E.i. takes sustained effort and practice, it’s well worth the investment.  In fact, in 2016 the world economic forum listed emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 skills needed for 2020. 

As we learn how to apply E.i. to our home, work and community – we naturally move our selves and those around us towards a state of sustainable well-being, happiness and success

Check it out…

The simplest way to experience our E.i. approach in action is to attend a Global Well-being Compass (GWC) workshop or seminar.

The Global Wellbeing Compass is an interactive model of our E.i. framework highlighting the three core competencies informing our approach.  During this workshop you’ll explore what these competencies look like in practice and shown how to apply them to a real-life personal or professional challenge. 

On completion of the GWC seminar or workshop you will receive:

  • An understanding of the GWC core competencies of E.i.
  • Nine questions that facilitate growth in all three competencies.
  • An example of how to apply the questions to a real-life context.
  • A reflection card containing the model, competencies and questions.
  • The opportunity to participate in future GWC masterclasses or coaching.

Three Options

There three ways you can choose to attend a Global Well-being Compass workshop:

  1. Cafe Connection: If you live in or around Hobart meet me in your favourite cafe and I’ll run you through the Global Well-being Compass in person $75.00/$100 for a couple.
  1. Workplace Seminar: Enjoy a lively E.i. seminar with your colleagues. See the GWC framework in action and learn the risks of poorly implemented E.i. $15 pp + travel expenses.
  1. Online Workshop: Book one of our monthly online events. Enjoy the convenience of chilling out home while learning the core principles of E.i. in action  $25 AUD